A summons to the palace on Thera

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A summons to the palace on Thera

Post by Vehemence on Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:15 pm

Before reading activate the youtube theme music plz

Baron Black Flag and Lord Seneca were sitting, not just a bit uncomfortable, in the hall just outside the giant doors to the Arch Chancellors Throne room. A summons to the Palace, it happened only so often and most of the time it meant something bad was about to happen to the person entering the Arch Chancellor's domain. Both stared a bit to eachother, the bizarre statues that littered the seemingly uneding marble halls. Aside from a choir that echoed in the distance and the occasional shuffling of slavegirl feet, there was nothing but silence. Give the circumstances, both men were too proud to actually talk to eachother. Although the same question burned on each mans lips: Why did Vehemence summon them?
All of the sudden the unsettling near-silence in the hall was broken. A terrible scream came from within the throneroom; though the thick golden doors muffled the sound somewhat (they should've stopped it entirely given their massive size), a long elongated howl could be heard. Only to stop as abruptly as it had started. Both the Baron and the Lord jumped up, in a relfex reachinf for there pulse pistols. A quick glance to eachother and they moved towards the golden portal. The silence had returned as quickly as it had fled, and for some reason they dared only whisper to eachoter:

"Should we enter?"
"I don't know"
"Buth what if V is in trouble?"
"Okay you have a point, lets go."

The two moved closer towards the giand gate, just as they had sneaked close enough to open it, it opened seemingly by itself. With lightning speed and the reflexes of a Temargent banzaï Cat they jumped to the sides of the door. Out of came about a dozen slave girls, their virgin-white tunics stained with crimson. They each carried a bodypart of what seemingly used to be a man. The last of the girls exiting the throneroom carried the torso of the unfortunate fellow. His face contorted in an expression of unrivalled agony & terror. Below his face a dark, blood dripping hole was where the man's throat had been. Behind the macabre procession another two slave girls followed on their knees, mopping up the blood to the best of their ability. They had recognised the insignia on what had been left of the man's uniform: the house of Tomassini...

Startled the two commanders looked at eachother, for a moment forgetting the strife there had been between them. They had heard stories about their Arch Chancellor, but up until now they had never truhly believed them and had dismissed them as horror stories to frighten them, their beloved Arch Chancellor could never really be that cruel could he? It seemed all of them had been true. A beautiful looking girl emerged but a moment later from the throneroom. She bowed to both commanders, and spoke with a soft gentle voice:

"The Arch Chancellor will see you now..."

She motioned them both to follow her. They entered the huge pillared chamber that held Vehemence's Ruby throne for the first time. This was the center of VnV Nation. The place where decisions were made that could decide peace of war for billions of people. And the giant hall seemingly tried its best to live up to this important role, like giant Onyx trees two rows of a dozen pillars shoot up towards the cathedral-like ceiling. Branching at the top to support the arched roof. Small figurines and large reliefs resembling everything from battles to orgy's could be seen left and right. And at the back of the hall stood upon a dias the monolithic Ruby throne, before it stood the Arch Chancellor, wearing an equisite robe of the finest scarlet and black silks. As they approached the throne, they could see that Vehemence was washing his hands in a silver bowl, the water turned almost as red as wine. Tossing a silk towel aside he dismissed the two slavegirls next to him, and the one that had brought Lord Seneca and Baron Black Flag before him. The three bowed low and left the room trough the main gate, a heavy thud indicating it had been closed behind them.

Vehemence stepped up the stair leading up the dias and with a single liquid motion turned and sat himself upon his throne. For a few moments he just sat there watching his loyal nobles before him.

"My friends...., welcome.
I know there has been some disharmony between you, and I have summoned you here to tell you that it is over."

He paused for a second, stressing the importance of his message.

"We have more then enough enemies out there to vent our frustrations on, I will not tolerate any further friction between you two. Quite frankly I don't care who is responsible. If we can't work together, our beloved Nation will fall and that gentlemen I cannot allow."

Both Baron Black Flag and Lord Seneca bowed their heads:

"Yes Arch Chancellor"

"To clear up the this mess, I have decided three things:"

"The first concerns you Lord Seneca, you may keep your position as ambassador, you have proven your worth in the past. You will report directly to Chief Ambassador Widah Xulub, that way Baron Black Flag flag can excercise his right as Governor and appoint his own lieutenants, as is written in the sacred acts. But the next time you approach me and ask for help, give me the time to solve the matter. If you take matters into your own hands again like this I will not be so lenient again."

Lord Seneca bowed:

"Yes Arch Chancellor"

"The second concerns you, Baron Black Flag. The title and position you have now are gifts bestowed upon you by me. A governor, a Baron of VnV Nation no less should know better then to renounce these precious things on a whim. To reject these gifts from your Arch Chancellor is the gravest of insults you can make gainst him. I will ask you one time, and one time only: Do you accept your title as Baron of VnV and Governor of the Upper Galaxies? Be carefuk how you respond!"

Baron Black Flag, Governor of the Upper Galaxies Bowed and answered:

"Yes Arch Chancellor"

"Good, then I have only one more thing to say to you two. To make sure you learn to work together, I want you two to find a fleet big enough to create at least half a million in debris, and smash it in a group attack consisting only of you two. To deny me this offer of penance will be seen as treason. You have four cycles to execute it, and I will not accept excuses." (Cycles = weeks)

Again Baron Black Flag and Lord Seneca bowed their heads:

"Yes Arch Chancellor"

Arch Chancellor Vehemence rose from his throne, and raised his voice.

"I have spoken, leave now and do not return without that battle report!"

The two commanders bowed again and turned to leave the throneroom. Both of them were thinking the same thing: Considering how that envoy of house Tomasinni left the room, they got off pretty light....

Chancellor Vehemence.

"I, while the gods laugh, the world's vortex am;
Maelstrom of passions in that hidden sea
Whose waves of all-time lap the coasts of me;
And in small compass the dark waters cram."

"Farewell, friend. I was a thousand times more evil than thou!"

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