The Recruitment act

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The Recruitment act

Post by Vehemence on Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:51 pm

Active recruitment is the domain of our staff managers & ambassadors. Even so we'd like everybody to make an effort recruiting new members if given the opportunity.

Ambassadors will focus on recruiting small alliances to join our cause.

Our staff department will focus on recruiting single members in to our nation.

The main focus of our recruitment program will shift towards the forums and the wiki page.

When contacted about membership, please use this description of VnV Nation:

Motto: "One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret."
VnV stands for Victory not Vengeance, and is emblematic of the philosophy of our nation the key elements of which are respect, honour, and perseverance. VnV is an active, well-organized, supportive, role-playing alliance (rp'ing not necessary) committed to having fun, first and foremost, and to playing the game as intended. To qualify for recruitment, one must have one colony or be ranked <25,000, must be willing to work as a team, must remain courteous even to enemies, and must stay active. Galaxy 41 is our home, but some of our members range far and wide. Every voice counts in our alliance. Members can be awarded noble titles for exemplary conduct which gives them one or more votes in the Senate. The Senate proposes and votes on amendments to the Charter as well as other important issues.

You can follow this link to apply officially:

Please take into account that individuals who seek membership MUST complete the unstanding form in full to get their application approved by one of our officers:

1: Character Name

2: Player rank #

3: Coordinates of homeworld + colonies

4: What games (if any) have you played before, and in what capacity? (RP'er, PvP'er, casual raider, heavy raider):

5: Have you ever joined any other alliance in Starfleet?

6: What is your motivation for joining VnV, and what are your goals in Starfleet commander?:

7: Do you have any friends / acquaintances you've gamed with in VnV who could provide a reference:

8: Please provide here any additional information you'd wish to share:

For those of you who want to actively recruit new members, here is a standart from letter you can use:


Greetings Commander...

Do you have what it takes to bolster the ranks of a growing, organized, and helpful alliance?

Tired of a daily grind of raiding in actives? Join us and work your way up the ranks. Earn yourself nobility through acts of aiding other members or show your prowess as a fierce conqueror. Have your achievements recognized by your fellow members and current nobles.
Experience the game on a whole new level by interacting with other players in a well established, security layered out game forum. Co-ordinate devastating group attacks, moonshots, and trades with greater efficiency

It is a hostile galaxy out there Commander, don’t deny yourself the tools and friends needed to make your mark and stake your claim! Join us for Victory Not Vengeance! (VnV)

If you wish to learn more about the laws that govern our great nations then please view our charter here ->


If you wish to apply please point your browser here ->

Please view the thread “Important notes and application information.” Please COPY the application supplied here. Return to the second link provided (the apply for membership one) and click New Topic. Enter your in-game name as the title, paste the application and answer all questions then click Send. To expedite your application, please supply the person who sent you this letter as answer to question 7. For example you would answer
“No but Black Flag sent me a recruiting letter.”

Lastly you will need to apply in SFC. To do this simply click the Alliance link (between Messages and Buddy), search for VnV (case sensitive) or VnV Nation and click apply.

Carpe Diem Commander… SEIZE THIS DAY! Take this opportunity, forge the bonds of friendship, accept your role, be something greater! Your VnV brethren await you!


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