Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah Found

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Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah Found

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Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah Found

The name of these two cities have long been by-words in our language for wickedness. And many scholars and archaeologists have long searched for the truth about these cities.

They are not cities after all. They are planets and they are out on the fringe. Galaxy 71 to be exact. This is the first-hand, eyewitness account of the accidental discovery of these two very wicked planets.

These accounts will be presented in installments, and be warned, they are explicit and not for the squeamish or conservative-minded.


My name is Safi and I live on the outer fringe of the universe. I have a few friends but not many and they can be well,. unreliable. Jodhi La Forge and Allie D. are my best friends and we are constantly trying to avoid D.J. Vanzile's attempts to get us to join his brothel on a neighboring planet. D.J. is trying to amass the largest party planet in the 71st Galaxy. He thinks people will come out to the fringe to, and I quote, "Get their freak on" and then shuttle back to normal lives without the risk of someone finding out about their kinky side. I fear one day Jodhi is going to fall into D.J.'s trap. She has an addiction to hydro and WD 40. Her crew droids got her hooked on them and D.J. always keeps huge stockpiles and taunts her incessantly with promises of endless nights of lubricated bliss. Allie, on the other hand, is a nymphomaniac. All of her crew droids have been altered so they resemble a giant swiss army knife of sexual devices, all appendages whirling, vibrating and oozing lubricant, the damn things actually moan. I, too, have my idiosyncrasies. For some completely unfathomable reason I am completely turned on by the Ferengi. Yes, the most detested species in the universe get my panties wet. Irrational doesn't even begin to describe my attraction to those marvelous ears!

My friends and I live on the fringe in both the universe and in society but when you live out here normal rules don't apply. Now that I have introduced the people involved in this adventure, its time to tell you how I found the two wickedest planets in the universe.
It all started about three months ago. I was going to rescue Jodhi from a man who promised her a discount on a 50k hydro trade. Allie warned her that the transaction wasn't legal but Jodhi wasn't to be denied easy hydro for a mere 10k of crystal. Turns out the merchant was a body snatcher, paid to collect humans for organ salvage and the live ones get a double bounty, making body snatching one of the most lucrative if not completely repugnant occupations out on the fringe. Most snatchers troll battle zones and debris fields looking for intact bodies among the wreckage of derelict vessels. This one, however, liked his humans live and he used this ruse to lure my friend out to his Hercules class merchant ship the "Ides of March"

By chance,. D.J. was visiting Allie on her colony planet Admiratio. He has been actively scouting 71st galaxy for a suitable location for his "Party Planet" and D.J. likes to stay with her because not only are the crew droids made accessible, she likes to do interesting things with duct tape and of course who's gonna turn down the chance to be duct taped to Allie? Having overheard us talking about Jodhi's trade agreement D.J asked to look at the flight plan we made Jodhi give us earlier that day and when D.J. saw the merchant ship's name on the manifest he actually turned green then all the color drained from his face.

"Don't you girls EVER check the alliance news page?"

When we both responded with a big fat no, I mean really, what could there possibly be worthwhile to read on an alliance newcast that concerns most members that reside in the lower galaxies, jeez.. Well after a ten minute lecture about our negligence at keeping up on current events, D.J. finally got the point and explained to us, very slowly, that this merchant, his name is Gaius Julius Caesar, was wanted by several alliances for kidnapping, slavery trades and murder. Caesar is human and he is vile, not only for preying on his own species but for the perversions he likes to inflict on his victims before turning them over the organ harvesters.

Now Allie is starting turn colors, mostly a deep, angry red.. And the next words she spoke started the air to positively crackle and I swear I saw smoke coming out of ears. She knows more curse words than the entire Klingon Black Fleet and New Hope's alliance combined and she used every single one of them, some twice, and while her tantrum was just reaching it's fully charged climax D.J. announces that if we don't move now, we'll never catch the bastard. I said, "What's the problem? It shouldn't be hard to catch the Ides of March, he has just left, we can catch him easily, its just a Herc, one of the slowest vessels out there."

D.J, now angrier than Allie, if that's possible, grabbed me by both arms,and lifted me off the ground until his face was just inches from mine and yells,"Safi, are you really that stupid? Yes, it looks like a Herc but it's a Prometheus and unless we can get to a fast ship, right now, we are going to lose any chance to get Jodhi back!." Normally, I would have just kicked his super large, super spectacular man parts into his throat for a comment like that but we didn't have time to dawdle and Allie didn't have any medicinal duct tape on hand to mend a broken set of bruised balls. Instead, I smiled sweetly and between clenched teeth quietly informed D.J. that while he had been out exploring the Fringe, I had been working with a lab droid in my research facility on advanced FTL and Warp drive capabilities and just finished a prototype vessel ready to be tested. "It's small, light and fast and just enough room for all of us plus two crew droids". I explained that the build droids would have to stay behind so if anything goes wrong there would be no way to make repairs.

That softened D.J's temper almost immediately. He held me there for a few more seconds, searching my face for any indication that I was making this up. I must say, I was a little disappointed when he put down, being held like that, manhandled, restrained, oh and he smelled really yummy, it got me just a little aroused. Unfortunately, it didn't go unnoticed and now D.J. was smiling and it wasn't sweetly. That look said he would remember how I responded to brute force and he was gonna use day.

Allie broke the trance by giving a happy Kirby dance, grabbing my hand, spinning me around and nearly crushing me in a big bear hug chanting, "Let's go, let's go, I'm gonna skewer this asshole and mount him to our engine thrusters and Barbecue me a pervert!" That sounded perfectly logical to me, so we all hauled ass down to the shipyard to find my pride and joy, my baby, my prototype, super fast Artemis class interstellar marvel.

"She sure doesn't look like much, does she?" was all Allie could think of to say. D.J. was just shaking his head, "Are you sure she is sound?" "Well, No, it's a prototype, never been tested, this is her maiden voyage." That didn't exactly illicit confidence in my friends but what choice did we have? "I think she's beautiful and she'll get us there, she has to.",

Sodom and Gomorrah Chapter 2

Meanwhile on board The Ides of March:

Jodhi La Forge was breaking her first rule of illegal trade bartering, never board the other fellows ship. But when the merchant, his name sounded like the pizza the replicators made on D.J.'s ship "Big Pimpin" what was that called, oh yeah Lil Caesar's Pizza, Pizza. That's right his name is Caesar. When he offered her the opportunity to examine the eight millionth wonder of the known universe she couldn't pass it up. It sounded so wonderful and damn it maybe she could sweet talk him into selling it to her. A chance to see and touch the first Hydrogen Synthesizer 9000 in the Fringe! Hell yes!. Pint-sized and super efficient, requiring minimal solar energy to function at top capacity the hydro synth 9000 was just the thing she needed to make her life complete. Quivering with excitement and withdrawals, it had been several hours since she last had a taste of her beloved HWD40., Jodhi set the coordinates to The Ides of March.

When first she beamed aboard, Jodhi knew she'd be a bit disoriented but this was not what she expected at all. Usually a hub of activity and chaos the receiving dock was always one of the busiest places onboard. Not this one however, this dock was totally empty . Most legitimate merchants set aside an area to show a sample of the goods and a comfortable place to iron out the details before completing the transaction. There was not even a chair to sit on and seemingly not a soul on board. Just as she's about to high-tail it out of there she hears footsteps coming from behind way too fast and close for her do anything but spin around and give a puny little yelp of surprise. "Sorry to startle you, Ms. La Forge, I tried to get here before you arrived but I had other pressing matters to attend to." "My name is Gaius Julius Caesar but please call me Caesar." Still trying to compose herself she could only respond with a half-hearted smile and a hiccuped hello. "May I offer you a beverage Jodhi?", Caesar asked. Jodhi is thinking he smells a little funny, and looks more than a little disreputable but to buy time to think of a diplomatic way to exit this transaction and vessel replies," Anything you have on hand would be nice, thank you" Caesar is now beaming and is unbelievably starting to glisten and blush. He motions for her to follow him and while walking to the lift doors that began emerge from the gloom, she asks about the hydro synth 9000. "All in good time", Caesar says, "In fact, we shall have our beverages in my quarters where I display my wonderous machine."

His Quarters? Who puts a hydro synth in their quarters? They are too dangerous to keep anywhere but a completely insulated and isolated, reinforced compartment with constant monitoring to maintain its stability. Noting her look of confusion, Caesar assures Jodhi that she'll understand once she enters his quarters. "After you, my dear," he says upon disabling the complicated plasma barrier to the entrance to his cabin. What was inside was beyond amazing. Jodhi was thinking that she had died and gone to Willie Wonka land. The kaleidoscope of colorful fabrics and furniture, wow, even the crew droids were a riot of color, dancing to a lovely melody eminating from a golden box on the table directly in front of them and , OMG, right there next to the golden music box, a bucket of hydro on dry ice and glasses filled to the brim with WD40. "I took the liberty of having this prepared in advance, I hope it meets with your satisfaction, milady". Caesar bows and gestures for her to sit all in one fluid motion. Laughing, Jodhi nearly runs to the cushions behind the table and announces that she is no lady and his formality is way to lower galaxy uptight "We are on the Fringe if you hadn't noticed, formality is a dirty word in these parts!" Not waiting for Caesar to serve her, she grabs a glass of WD and injects it with the hydro syringe and downs it in 3 seconds flat. "Ok Caesar, lets see your hydro synth and your hydro stores I am ready to tra........"

Jodhi is jolted wide awake, something is wrong.. Wondering why her head feels like it's gonna explode, she opens one eye to see a pair shiny black boots with trousers bunched around them and there's legs in them.....WTF???, "Who put me upside down? Why does it smell so bad in here? Where the hell am I? Ow, Ow, Ow Why am I tied up?" Someone is laughing softly, she looks down or up, she's not sure which, to see Caesar holding in one hand his very unspectacular penis, limp, small, pale and covered with tiny, scaly lesions...eeeww. And now he's touching the inside of her thigh with his tongue, tasting her flesh......Oh, no no no no. ."I'm ready for you now, Jodhi", he whispers into her thigh. "Oh, yeah, doesn't look like it to me, your dick looks like an old dead minnow, and you smell even worse, would it be too much trouble for you to bathe once in a while , you disease ridden, pig!" Bemused, Caesar grabs Jodhi by the hair and pulls her face close to his, albeit upside down, and says, "Your'e either very brave or very stupid. I'm inclined to believe you are stupid falling into my snare as easily as you did. Foolish girl, I'll teach you not only manners, this evening, I'll teach you to fear me." His breath smells like it could peel the paint off the bulkhead, bringing tears to her eyes. "That's better, tears are good, your'e starting to understand."

"The only thing I understand is that your gonna have no pecker to hold on to when my friends get here, they're nearby and know to come rescue me if they don't hear anything from me real soon.

"Really and just where are we Jodhi, don't you hear the hum of the engines?" to which she replies, "They'll catch you, you Klingon breathed scum bucket even upgraded a herc is no match for DJ's ship!"

Shaking his head Caesar reponds, "For a survival suave Fringer you are not too bright are you? I had the hull designed to resemble a herc but if you were a little more observant you would have noticed the difference". Cursing and spitting now, Jodhi hurls her body into Caesar's legs that are still tangled up in his trousers and boots knocking him backward but not quite toppling him, he still had ahold of her hair and used it to pull himself up. "ENOUGH!" Caesar yells and jabs her with a needle that semed to come from nowhere. Her vision starting to fade, Jodhi tries to tell him he's a dead man but the words don't come.

Sodom and Gomorrah chapter 3 and 4
by safi on Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:13 pm

.Chapter 3

Meanwhile, back on Admiratio.

All three of us were still standing there on the flight deck looking at my latest, greatest mechanical masterpiece when D.J breaks the silence.
"Whaddya mean it's not tested?! How'd you get it here then? Why's it in Allie's shipyard?" I told D.J. to stop yelling at me and I would explain. I informed him that I had it transported it here a couple of days ago and wanted to test it with Allie as a surprise but when "Big Pimpin" requested permission to dock my little project was forgotten because there was suddenly some serious partying to be done. You certainly cannot test new warp technology while your'e under the influence of HWD40, being "entertained" by D.J. AND duct taped to Allie.

Allie perked up at the mention of surprise and exclaimed, "You were gonna surprise me?, Ah, isn't that...wait a minute, you said warp. There's no warp drive on an Artie." I confidently informed her that there most certainly was because I had just managed to merge the FTL and warp drive technologies with the help of lab droid George, In unison, D.J. and Allie said "Who?" So I had to further explain that I had purchased him used at a droid convention in a nearby galaxy. There was data I had never seen imbedded in the security chip and when I finally decrypted it I knew what it contained was nothing less than genius. I started to work immediately and with George's help managed to complete construction in record time.

Both D.J. and Allie were just standing there, staring at me. Allie finally said, "So let me get this straight. We are going to trust some crazy data found on a used droid to catch a madman that's abducted our best friend and rescue her and bring her back in this derelict looking hydro can?" The only thing I could think of to say was "Uh huh, that just about sums it up". Allie cocked her head to the side and looked at D.J. and said, "Ok then, I guess we go, you comin D.J.?"

"What, and miss the chance to get all my molecules rearranged and intertwined with the molecules of two of the sexiest girls on the Fringe? Not on your life. Count me in!" After several minutes of arguing over who was going to be pilot, navigator and backseat driver, I mean com controller, we all wrestled, strapped and in D.J.'s case, wedged ourselves in the tiny cabin and prepared for lift off. After what seemed like an eternity we finally finished the tedious checklist, and since there was nothing left to do but start the ignition, I said a secret prayer to the Gods of Karma and pushed the ignition switch . She started and sputtered and then blazed into life, hovering smoothly over the shipyard's flight deck. "Holy shit, so far so good, let's see what this puppy can do!" I was so giddy I couldn't help myself, this was very exciting and giggling like a lunatic, I pushed the throttle fully forward, released the dampers and engaged the thrusters with a resounding thump and then everything went blurry and I started to faint. It only took a second for me to catch up to myself, it felt as though my soul was ripped from my body and had become a very long thin thread reaching back to the flight deck, then it all came rushing back hitting the back of my head with a thud. It worked, thank George and Karma it worked and we were on our way!

"I don't see why I have to sit back here, it's not at all comfortable and there's not enough room for me to play with um, duct tape," Allie whined then stuck her bottom lip out in a full unhappy pout., D.J chuckled and replied, "Because my dear, if we are going to catch up to Jodhi your gonna need me to navigate." When I asked him what he could do that Allie couldn't, he said, "Besides getting you naked in 10 seconds flat?. I can track Jodhi. Do you remember the last time I was here?" We both said that we vaguely remembered his last visit and that he was gone by the time we had awakened, D.J. was nodding in agreement then said, "There's a reason the last visit seems a little fuzzy, you aren't going to like this but I took advantage of you girls on my last visit."

Interrupting him, I said "Well duh, you always take advantage of us when you visit, we expect it It's not because you're so damn irrresistable but since we have way too few guests out here we girls decided a long time ago to share you equally and occasionally simultaneously and you also need to know if we get any new neighbors we might have to reconsider this arrangement."

" Ok, now I don't feel so bad about telling you this. I put knock out gas in your hydro that evening and had my way with you, it took awhile but by the time I had finished and was satisfied that you were all sleeping soundly, I injected locator nanos in your spinal fluid. I can track you three anywhere, anytime just by turning on the homing device that's been integrated into my communicator.", D. J. finished his little bombshell by crossing his arms with an expression of such smug satisfaction you just wanted to slap him, but before I could act on that impulse Allie grabbed him by his ear and tried to twist it into a pretzel, bringing tears and a shout of protest from the now indignant and injured D.J.

"You better have a damn good explanation for turning us into human LoJacks and you'd better be quick or I will rip your ear off and keep it as a souvenir maybe even put it in a display case so you can see it everytime you come to ask me to be your number one whore."

Clearly in pain, D.J. agrees to Allie's demand, "OK, OK, just let go of my ear, pleeasssse. You're very close to the reason already, I'm certain that one these days you will see that I'm offering you the chance to make some serious credits and when you agree to terms I'm gonna protect you girls as best I can and knowing where you are at all times means no one can steal you away from me, and besides all three of you can get into trouble faster than a fleet of Ferengi trying to steal from a Romulan raiding party. You know I'm right, it only took Jodhi a couple of weeks to get into the worst trouble imaginable"

Allie and I had to agree, trouble found us regularly, like it had it's own homing beacon planted somewhere in our bodies and delighted in finding entertaining ways to wreck our plans and our fun. Letting go of D.J.'s red and now swollen ear Allie said, "D.J. when are you gonna understand that what we do with you and each other is fun and pleasant and very satisfying but if we have to do it, it becomes work and work of ANY kind is not fun, yes people need to work to have a sense of self worth but to turn our fun into work is not something we are at all interested in." I think D.J. pretended to understand but he still looked unconvinced. He did apologize for being a nuisance and said that we should get to the business of finding Jodhi and reached for his communicator and turned on the homing beacon. He examined the communicator's read out briefly then exclaimed, "Here are the coordinates, engage warp drive and let's find that subhuman, Jodhi stealing, freaking miscreant shitbag before he can do anything more to add to punishment I intend to personally administer."

Chapter 4

Jodhi is dreaming, no, having a nightmare. Little men holding their disfigured members are chasing her through a dark, empty receiving dock, they're coming from every direction, calling her name, "Jodhi, Jodhi, hey, wake up, wake up Jodhi". The voices are getting more urgent, louder, echoing off the hull's walls. "Wake up, your'e having a nightmare." Slowly she begins to realize the voice is real, she is just dreaming and for a very brief and fleeting moment Jodhi is relieved. Not for long however, she should have never opened her eyes.

Her hands are bound and they are swaying to the rhythmn of the ship's movement, her fingers just brushing the cold, wet, spongy, foul smelling floor. She can see only a few inches in front of her and sorely wishes she couldn't see anything at all. Her fingers had been pushing small trails on the ship's floor through what looked and smelled like feces and blood and something much worse. Caught on her pinky finger, an eyeball still attached to the stringy, gelatinous nerves and veins trailed behind her finger like a stray puppy wanting a home. Not having the energy to scream at the top of her lungs, Jodhi instead fllung the gooey mess as far from her as she could as her stomach startede to roll and boil in protest. "Hey, are you awake? Please be awake, your name is Jodhi, right?" No longer thinking about her stomach, searching for the source of the voice calling her name, Jodhi imagines seeing, just an outline really, a figure hanging upside down, arms dangling to the floor.

"Hey, great your'e awake, um, I mean not great, you don't want to wake up here, but at least you not dreaming about that bastard Caliluga anymore. He told me you were coming and I wish I could have warned you but that's kinda impossible, isn't it, I am after all hung up here like a side of beef".

"Er, huh? Who are you, where am I, who the hell is Caligula and why are we upside down and I'm naked. Are you naked too?"

Laughing very softly, the figure in the distance says, "Hi, I'm Jet Thorson, Caligula is what I call that Caesar asshole and we are aboard his ship bound for the planet Gomorrah, it's the organ harvester's planet. Yes, I am naked too and if you don't mind me saying, you have an amazing body, from what I can see." Thinking she sounded ridiculous, Jodhi thanked the dangling man and said she needed a lot more information because this nightmare was getting way too confusing.

Jet began by apologizing saying that this was no nightmare or delusion and he would have liked to have met her under different circumstances. Then he dove head first into his own recollections of the recent events.

He had been in communications with a merchant claiming to have an entire pallet of Hydrogen Synthesizer 9000's. Interrupting already, Jodhi whistles loudly and asked, "Does the bastard really have them? That's how he snookered me into beaming aboard and I'm kinda ashamed to admit, I only wanted one." Jet responded that he never got to see them. Caesar offered him a beverage before negotiations and that was the last thing he remembered until the sick sonofabitch woke him up, singing if you can believe it, chanting actually;
"Jodhi took the bait, Jodhi took the bait, With her I'm gonna mate, With her I'm gonna mate, Oh, Jodhi took the bait."

Jodhi was definetly NOT amused, " Oh no he didn't! That freak of nature thinks he's gonna put that disgusting little wormy thing near me...No, No, No, I'll yank it off with my teeth first!" Jet said he admired her spunk but told her she really shouldn't yell, Caligula was probably nearby and might hear her and come back. Cursing under her breath she asked Jet why he kept calling him Caligula.

He said that he had been introduced to Caesar by a fellow trader a while back and thought he was a legitimate trader. As he regained consciousness from the effects of the "beverage" he was given, he still didn't recognize just who he was dealing with until he was being hoisted onto the the hook in the holding cell he now called home. When Caesar noticed that his prisoner was waking up he started explaining how Jet managed to get himself into such trouble. "Don't you read your alliance news reports? I am the notorious Gaius Julius Caesar, quite possibly the worst person in existence and you belong to me now."

Jet had read the alliance news reports from time to time and remembered a story about a crazy merchant butchering his way through the Fringe and in the lurid descriptions of his antics he was sometimes compared to the very ancient, very insane, very bloodthirsty, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus who ruled the Roman Empire from earthdate 31 August AD 12 through 24 January AD 41 and who went by the nickname Caligula. As each new article that wrote about his latest transgressions they referred to him more and more as Caligula until Gaius Julius Caesar wasn't used at all.

As what Caligula said sunk in, Jet now knowing there was likely no way he would survive this voyage hocked a lugy right into the bastards eye and said, "You fracking, low life, shit eating coward, you couldn't give me a fair fight, instead slipping me a mickey so you wouldn't get your pansy ass kicked all over your own crappy ship" Wiping the lugy from his eye, Caliluga's face turning almost purple, the veins in his neck bulging enough to see them throb, grabbed for a syringe on the cart next to the door and stepped closely to where Jet was hanging and said, "If I didn't need you alive and intact I would cheerfully dismember you piece by tiny piece until you begged me to kill you. Knowing what the harvesters are going to do to you brings me some solace, they enjoy their work almost as I do I don't have time to entertain you anyway a much more appealing acquisition is beaming aboard right now and you are making me late." Then Caligula shoved the needle in Jet's arm so forcefully he actually hit bone and Jet started to yell out but was unconscious before he could form the words.

He awoke sometime later to the sound of a cart being wheeled into the room. There was a body lying on top arms all akimbo and the unmistakeable aroma of decay and blood, lots and lots of blood. Fearing it was the girl Caligula was chanting about earler, Jet called out to the deranged Roman wannabe, "You sick fracking bastard, you killed her, what the hell is wrong with you there's no reason she had to die." Caligula turned around and Jet at first didn't recognize him. His whole demeanor had changed. He no longer had any pretense of civility. He was covered in blood and bits of flesh was stuck in hair. He had been muttering to himself when he wheeled the corpse in and was visibly shaking. Patting the arm almost tenderly Caligula said, "This unfortunate fellow made the mistake of trying to sell me inferior sex slaves and I was forced to educate him on proper business practices, as you can see, he didn't survive the lesson." He then unceremoniously dumped the cart over spilling body parts and entrails all over the deck then kicking the head into a corner. "My dear Jodhi is very much alive and she will be joining you soon enough, I'm just setting the stage here so she understands what will happen if she doesn't comply with my every request." Then he spun back around righted the cart and left the room muttering to himself once again. It wasn't long after that he brought Jodhi in on the same cart.

When he finished his recollection of the past events, Jet said, "We know he wants to "mate" with you but I get the idea he is not gonna be a gentleman about it. Jodhi please don't give him a reason to hurt you like he did that poor man who's spread all over the floor there. I don't want him to ravage you but it's definetly better than the alternative."

"You haven't seen him naked have you? I'd rather die a slow and painful death than have that man's moldy and deformed weiner thingy anywhere near my va jay jay. I will fight him until he has no choice but to kill me. I'm just sorry your'e gonna have to witness it.".

Chapter 5

Back on board the modified Artie:

"We really need to name this bucket of bolts. Something dramatic, something that suggests power but it has to be sexy too." Allie was tired of referring to the modified Artie as "it" and "her" and "bucket of bolts". I definitely had a high opinion of my "creation" and wanted the best possible name for her. D.J., on the other hand, had a lesser opinion of my baby. He wanted to call her Flounder because she had a tendency to run off course if you weren't paying close attention to her nav. system. I thought her quirks gave her a definite personality and I wanted the tiny vessel to have a mysterious and exotic name like Scheherazade, Nefertiti or Cleopatra. "Call her Cleopatra then, because you are a Queen, make her one too, Queen of denial that is, this patched up hydro can is not sexy, mysterious, exotic or even a little majestic," D.J's. remark was uncalled for I thought, the little fighter was getting us closer to Jodhi by the minute so I told him if he didn't like his accommodations I would happily eject him into the exhaust stream so he might find other transportation. Smiling brightly, D.J. said, "What and leave you two lovely ladies all alone in the universe without my dashing good looks, genius IQ, encyclopedic knowledge of ninja warfare, and inexhaustible sexual prowess? Besides I still have the homing device."

Allie pretended to choke on his words and said, "Look who's in denial, If you weren't the only human play toy in our galaxy I would have jettisoned you a long time ago." To me she said, "Safi, you can't call her Scheherazade, do you even know how to spell it? Besides, the letters won't fit on any part of her fuselage, it needs to be simple and elegant."

"Naming this rust bucket is gonna have to wait ladies, the homing device is alerting me that Caesar's ship is now stationary and we are approaching fast." Allie jumped up yelling, Hot damn!!", forgetting there was no headroom in the cabin, knocked herself momentarily senseless which sent D.J. into a fit of laughter causing him to drop his communicator on the metal deck, cracking the screen and knocking out the homing feature. I said, "That's just great D.J. you fracking idiot, now what are we gonna do?" then I hit him in the nose with just enough force to make it bleed profusely. D.J started cursing me for hitting him and cursing himself for dropping the comm unit all the while looking for something to stop the blood flow. Finally he had to take off his shirt to use as a pressure bandage and demand that I now had to find a solution because he was incapacitated. I was still strapped into to the cockpit and needed to watch for patrols, so Allie, who was still a little groggy from the mishap with the bulkhead, had to wiggle her way onto D.J.'s lap to access the ship's navigation system. She then punched in our current coordinates into the nav. and grabbed the star chart she printed from the screens read out.

"There are only two inhabitable planets in this sector, 71:15:8 and 71:15:13, they're listed as Sodom and Gomorrah." Without the homing device we didn't know which one Caesar landed on so D.J. said that we needed to split up and he would drop Allie and me on Sodom and he would continue on to Gomorrah, "We don't have the time to waste on two trips so this is how it has to be, you girls be careful, I'll beam you down a couple of clicks outside the port city's walls and....WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" He was pointing out the small port window at a billboard floating about 200 meters from the ship. It was surrounded by brightly flashing lights and advertised Pure Pleasure. That was the only thing on the giant sign "Pure Pleasure" and as we came parallel to the sign it winked out and a new one popped on furher away saying only "Awaits" and then the next one said "Request", then "Permission", then "To Disembark" and lastly, "Sodom your Hedonist Paradise". Allie pointed out the starboard window where similar signs floated by advertising the finest gambling resort in the universe "Gomorrah Casino and Resort". Then the ship's comm unit chimed an incoming message alert, breaking the spell bound by the bright lights and promise of moral debauchery. D.J. was having second thoughts about letting us go down there but before he could protest Allie answered the comm and requested two females to disembark for Sodom please and before he could say anything more we were beamed directly into Sodom's Visitor's Welcome Center.

The Visitor's Center was beautifully decorated in subdued hues of blue, green, silver and cream and the air seemed to swirl around you not quite thick enough to see but when breathed in, it calmed and aroused the senses at the same time. The Center was laid out like a long hallway with holographic posters hovering on each side of the carpet and they depicted some of the most lurid sexual and erotic art either of us had ever seen. The people and other species in those holographs looked so real and SO alluring it was hard to keep moving down that long corridor and I had to stop periodically to pick my jaw up from the floor. I think Allie was equally awed, she kept trying to touch some of the people in the holographs. With each step I was getting more intoxicated by the ambiance and then every inch of my body started to tingle and the air smelled of jasmine and musk and now there was not quite music but a hypnotizingly slow beat just loud enough to be barely audible and it was adding to my altered state of mind. Trying to concentrate on the task of finding Jodhi and/or Caesar was getting extremely difficult. It felt like my head was full of fluffy white clouds and I was no longer walking, but floating along, not a care in the world. When we finally reached the end of the corridor two extremely gorgeous hunkasauruses were waiting for us, each holding a clipboard and wearing nothing but a smile.

They informed us that clothing wasn't necessary here and strictly forbidden inside the Pleasure Salon. Then they suggested we go to the baths to refresh and cleanse our bodies and relax until our personal consierge arrived to evaluate our needs to ensure we have the ultimate pleasure experience. At the mere mention of the word bath, Allie sighed and shook her head yes as if this was the best idea ever. I really did have to agree, a bath would be terrific and I was thinking maybe these two gents could join us. When we both agreed, the two men bowed in unison, checked something on their clipboards and took our hands and lead us in two totally different directions.

Here ends Chapter 5.

Chapter 6 is written by Allie, she wanted to tell her part in this tale herself. There will be differences in writing style but that in my opinion will make it more interesting and to have another first hand account adds credibility as well.

Chapter 6
After checking into the Visitor’s Center and conversing with the greeters I was relieved to be moving again, the air made me want to lie down but it also made me want to go back to the ship and get my forgotten duct tape. They checked their clipboards a final time and then I was aware of being lead down the corridor by blonde greeter number one, while Safi was taken down the right side by blond number two. My guide, whose name turned out to be Christian, was giving me some information about Sodom and some of its “quirks”. Saying something about how people from all over the lower galaxies would come and visit to “relax” and how was it a Fringer came to be here. How did he know I was a Fringer? Trying to think was difficult but I managed to mumble something about winning a contest. It seemed to work, he only nodded his head and motioned for me to continue down the hallway. All the doors in this particular corridor had numbers above them and they looked like cherry hot molten metal giving off steamy vapors.

The air was filled with a curling layer of thin smoke, which for some reason smelled lightly of cinnamon to me. Christian was talking low and soft yet it sounded so rehearsed and he kept fingering his lone black tie as he did. This for some reason set my teeth on edge, but it felt as though the smoke was in my head scattering my thoughts. I happened to move my neck to give it some relief after being cramped in the back of that Artie so long and that cleared my mind just a little. We were heading for some Japanese type onsen, which Christian described as our "lovely hot springs" and that I would be given some type of care package. I tuned him out his voice was really starting to get on my nerves as we passed a particular room that caught my interest. I was compelled to stop and double back to eavesdrop on the unfolding scene. Witnessing what was happening in that room seemed to bring some clarity back to me.

“P-please Milady I,“ a sharp crack of a whip cut off whatever he was trying to say. “If you would onl-” Another hit to his already red flesh silenced him again.

A woman, who was obscured by some rocks and what looked to me like female slaves, was twirling a cat-o-nine tails lazily in her hand. The room was another onsen and it was intricately decorated to look completely natural. She had what looked to be a blonde hair, and black elbow gloves and she was wearing a mask that covered her face. She said something too softly for me to hear, but the man flinched as if struck again.

I felt a cold hand touch my elbow as my guide tried to remind me to keep moving. Something about his smile and his voice had me on guard. I just didn't like his schoolboy "charm", I never did get along with the "hip" kids.

“Touch me again, and I’ll punch your pretty face in.” Nothing like a threat delivered calmly with a smile.

Not heeding my warning he went to grab for me again. I happily struck him in his jaw with a right uppercut. He stumbled back into the wall while a look of shock crossed his features. I glanced back into the room only to see that whoever this “Milady” was not pleased as another gentleman, this time dressed in a suave suit, was conversing with her.

After I tossed a look back at Christian I saw that he was holding his chin and some blood was leaking out of his mouth. He was stuttering some nonsense (think I caused him to bite his tongue) about how he’d get the security on me. While wildly swinging his clipboard about to punctuate his rant. I snatched it from him, and ran into the room across the hall from "Milady". Christian had no choice but to follow me in and I was ready. I first kicked the door shut and then swung the clipboard with the metal clip aimed at his temple, he went down hard, face first and semi-conscious. I straddled him grabbing his neck tie, pulling hard with my knee in his back and choked the life out of weasel boy. I didn't have time to consider the emotions I was having about killing someone so I shook the thoughts from my head and listened at the door All was quiet so I opened the door still holding the clipboard. Then I crossed the hall to room 42742..

The woman seemed to give me a major case of déjà vu, and I couldn’t place my finger as to why. I looked at the clipboard I had confiscated from Christian to see if could find the mystery woman's name listed there. I looked up the room number 42742 on the clipboard. There were 20 people on the list randomly assigned to different rooms such as someone named Grant (likes threesomes) and Chip (needs to control his women). The name given by the masked lady was one Milady Death (VIP, wants 6 sex slaves). Then it hit me to where I saw her!

I remembered seeing an article on how she and someone named… what was it something to do with a V, anyway they were getting married. Forgot why it was so special to get an article but prolonged exposure to hydro and WD-40 does do things to the mind. With curiosity getting the better of me, I strolled into the room and swiped a drink. Milady Death had already left to handle some other matters. As I was checking out the little abode and drinking my swiped drink “Armani” turned in my direction. He had long brown hair that hung past his chin and cold blue eyes that narrowed in suspicion.

“How long have you been there…,” he looked at me suspiciously as I just grinned.

“ Hi, Dreamy, I’m Dreamy.” After his skeptical look I pretended like I was an employee. “I was sent here to help Milady Death in any way I can.” I lied smoothly. I’m sure some of those mushrooms D.J. said were safe to eat helped too. He was always trying to spike people’s drinks and food with some new concoction.

“Why would they send the likes of you? You're dressed like a Fringer I doubt you've been cleared to deal with VIP clients.” He sneered and his lip curled in contempt. I felt my grin freeze in place, at the insult. But a devious light entered my eyes.

“I’m sorry if the higher ups feel the need to keep you out of loop on this. I’m sure there was good reason for it, maybe they didn't have time.” My tone was sickeningly sweet as I had a small smirk on my face. I saw him grab onto the bait. Hook “Of course someone of your ranking would be informed if new people were assigned last minute to handle a special case like this.” He straightened his shoulders, and was clenching and unclenching his fists. Line “But… I’m sure you have other things to worry about then my attire, which is the reason I'm here. I'm supposed to get proper apparel and go and see to Milady Death's needs.” And sinker, oh yeah you are a major cocky bastard alright.

“I am a busy man. I can’t be expected to keep track of everyone. Come on then, we have work to do.” He turned swiftly on his heel and marched out of a back door. “Milady is upset over her payment and lack of getting grade A product. It’s so hard to just kidnap someone now a day, and then we have to somehow turn them into good slaves. Or in some cases they don't comply and we have to turn them over to the harvesters and salvage the organs.” I tried not to register my hatred for this comtempible man but if was getting difficult.

As we weaved through some back corridors and people, he was saying how incompetent some of the staff members were. Being an expert at tuning people out thanks to D.J.’s love of talking about himself when high, I had one ear on him listening to the blah, blah, blah while checking out the layout. Please this is nothing like memorizing my way through Safi's crazy meandering complex at Roger Rabbit while smashed on HWD40.

Thankfully, there was none of that aphrodisiac mist in here. So my head was slightly clearer than out in the hallway, well as clear as it got anyway. I couldn’t go a day without thinking of my beloved duct tape, afterall.

So I said to the suit, “Armani, I know you're in on everything. Would you happen to of heard from Caesar. Gaius Julius Caesar? He was working a case, trying to abduct some drug addict hooked on Hydro. I believe her name was Jodhi La Forge. I gave him the intel on her whereabouts a while back. Has he managed to capture her? I’d like to check up on her myself to make sure he didn’t rough her up too much. She is kinda special and I get a bonus if she's alive and well when they arrive. If he messed her up it’s coming out of his share.” I say this as casually as I can while clenching the clip board in my hands, and give a false smile. I’m so glad I’m high right now, otherwise I’d never pull this off. Come on accept the praise.

He regarded me and smirked a little. "I don’t blame you on wanting to check in on him. He does tend to rough them up. But nothing too much to damage the goods. I’ll get the data for you.” He went over to a desk and talked to the chick who was perky in both attitude and boobs. After he came back and gave me the info, he handed me some other papers. “Those are some potentials for us to “pluck”. Why don’t you go check how there doing and see if we should recruit them."

As I scanned the pages I saw Grant, and the Chip guy again. The one that stood out the most was room 712052 registered to one Safi. “Fudgenuggets.” He looked at me oddly and I cursed myself for saying that out loud. “I always tire of having to deal with them in such shabby clothes compared to yours. I was sent here to get decent clothes, remember..uh,erm, I had enough of drunkards hitting on me as it is,” I lied out of my ass. On the spot lying, not my best skill. Could use some more of those magic mushrooms. Or some liquid courage. Pointing at the clipboard, I added, “ I mean look at this guys name "Iva Hugebona."”

He waved over the perky redhead, "Of course,you needed clothing, Emily escort Dreamy to the clothier, see to it she's given whatever she needs.. Then get back to the communication post once she’s outfitted with some proper couture, of course.” I’m so glad I ate a whole box of Lucky Charms earlier!!! First Jodhi, now Safi, what a day.

Alright here's chapter 6. Safi yu did a great job on editing and tweaking it.

:Transmission begin, a perky sales announcer's voice starts talking:
What will happen next? Will I learn to dress fashionably, get caught, and rescue Safi all at the same time? Or are we all screwed and I'm just digging a bigger hole for us. Not to mention what is Safi up too? Stay tuned for the next installment of Sodom and Gomorrah!
:Transmission ends:.

Chapter 7

"Why do we have to be separated?," I asked my guide but I really wasn't all that curious, I was tingly and numb and the music seemed to come from inside my head, throbbing gently, making me want to dance. "We need to evaluate your desires for the most pleasurable experience we can provide and to do that it is easier to put you one on one with your consierge. He'll ask you what you like and dislike and guide you to the correct salon for the most optimum services we can provide."

" Mmmm, will you be joining me? What if YOU are what I like? Why are you wearing a tie? What's your name by the way?" He said his name was Christopher and apologized saying that he couldn't fraternize with the clientele and to ensure that no hinky or kinky things occured each host was made to consume certain drugs to ensure this wasn't possible. That shocking bit of information registered somewhere in my brain but I could only mumble, "Ah, that's too bad." He waved it off with the slightest gesture and explained that it was part of the job and not to give a another thought. So I didn't. Then he said I should answer the consierge's questions as honestly as possible to expedite the placement procedures. Nodding my head either to the music drifting around in my head or to his instructions (not quite sure which) he lead me into a cozy room where I was instructed to disrobe and someone would be waiting in the next room to direct me to my next destination. He bowed deeply and said "Enjoy your stay" and was gone.

Since there was nothing for me to put on once my clothes were off, I walked naked into the next room as instructed, marvelling at the steamy water glistening in the small pool directly in front me. The music was a little louder now seeming to beckon me into the pool. The scent of jasmine and musk wafted up with the steam and drew me almost zombie like down into the warm, inviting water. This was heaven and I sunk gratefully down until completely submerged. When I ran out of air I poked my head up to catch a breath. "Excuse'am, hello, ma'am..." Oh bother, he was intruding on my mellow.

"I am Carlos and I'll be your personal consierge during your stay here and I have just a few pertinent questions that will allow me assess your needs while in my care. First may I have your name and place of origin?" Normally, I never give my homeworld coordinates to anyone I don't know intimately (4 in total) but this sounded reasonable and he looked so trustworthy. I told him my coordinates and this made his eyebrow shoot up until it looked like it was gonna wiggle right off his head. Not missing a beat, he said, "Ah you must be one of the winners of the Why I love Hydro contest. Normally, we don't get many Fringers here as they don't have the credits...oh, no offense ma'am." and he quickly bowed down and lowerred his head and stammered something like "I deserve to be punished, please beat me Milady".

I told Carlos to get up I wasn't beating anyone today but when he bent down I noticed his clipboard wasn't a clipboard after all. It was more like an electronic notebook, so I asked him about it. I think he was so grateful I wasn't going to hit him he nearly jumped into the pool to show it to me. He told me everything he typed into the notebook automatically went to every clipboard on the planet. When I asked him how many people have those clipboards, he said the entire staff carries one. Now if it weren't for the bath, music, scent and distracting male anatomy this might have become the moment where I subdued Carlos and went to find my friends, instead I said, "Oh, isn't that nice. Can we finish this inquiry so I might begin the pleasure stuff?" He immediately got down to business, I answered all of his totally random questions, things like:

"Do you have any living relatives?" no

"What's your favorite sexual position" I have many

"How many living staff do you employ?" none

"Please list your top three favorite positions" how about anything but missionary

"Is there anyone we can contact in case of emergency?" Allie, but she's here already

"Name a sexual act or position you have never experienced or would very much like to experience" I think it's called waterfall, where a woman has an or....

"Yes, I'm familiar with the term, ma'am" Stop calling me ma'am my name is Safi

And this went on for a minute or two longer, when he concluded his inquiry he said a room should be opening up right through those doors and miraculously the doors opened. The doors led to a little paradise replete with a chaise lounge under an umbrella and next to it a table with a tall icy beverage that had a minature matching umbrella sticking out of it. The small beach looked as though it was bathed in sunlight and there was a breeze with the very same jasmine and musk scent. The sand looked like a fine, white, powered sugar, and I had no doubt it would be soft under foot.

I had almost completely forgotten Carlos was there, the aroma and sights compelling me to ignore everything but that splendid oasis. I rose up from the pool and made my way to the door and when I crossed the threshold the air seemed positively charged with electricity as if a current were coursing through my skin and tickling my senses. The "sun" was quite warm and I felt it's caress as I sat upon the chaise. Carlos sidled up to me and whispered in my ear as I lay down, "What you are feeling is our latest addition to Sodom. We call them sexual nanobytes and they are programmed to interface with your nerves, neurons and nerve receptors, to give you pleasure internally as well as externally. Enjoy your stay, ma'am..... I mean Miss Safi" and then he quietly melted away.

I wasn't exactly sure what Carlos was talking about but when I closed my eyes I started to feel tiny random electric shocks, light kisses on and in my body just under the skin on my fingertips then behind my eyes, lightly brushing my inner thigh, then just touching my nipples. Oh boy, I was totally mesmerized by the sensations, trying to anticipate where I might feel them next. And then suddenly they stopped. Just when I was about call out to Carlos to come fix my nanobytes, they did the most amazing thing.

The nanobytes synchronized themselves. Millions, no billions of tiny robots communicating with one another just to please me. Some synched to my heartbeat, some to my respiration, some to the beat of the music but most in a pattern that mimicked erotic massage. Slow, warm waves of electric pressure moved systematically against my muscles starting from the heels of my feet and continuing up my legs to my thighs and it didn't matter that I was lying face up on the chaise, the nanobytes massaged every muscle as if I were floating in zero G .And with my eyes closed that is exactly what I imagined. As my body was being stimulated, my heartbeat and respiration quickened and so the nanobytes quickened their pace until I was visibly pulsating, as wave after wave of pure energy moved on and through my body.

I'm pretty sure I was quite loud expressing my desire for the nanobytes to move to the more intimate areas of my body (who taught them how to tease anyway?). And as if they understood, a slow march of several battalions of bytes started moving in three, no four different directions. Oh, man talk about anticipation. It seemed to take forever, I wanted to beg but suddenly one of the"battalions" reached my mouth. That was unexpected, and oh my gawd, it felt as though something warm and syrupy and sweet was poured on my tongue! How on Roger Rabbit did they manage to do that? They covered my tongue and the back of my throat and when I swallowed, the bytes felt like hot liquid that warmed me all the way to my core. The hynoptic beat was now amplified and the rhythmn was getting more urgent. I could feel my breathing begin to match that rhythm, which the bytes then mimicked. And they were moving so close now. Two battlions one on each breast finally reached my nipples Pausing only momentarily, they began to massage each nipple until they were so fully erect they began to ache. The bytes then began to pulse hot then cold then hot again until I was covered in goosebumps.

At the exact moment the goosebumps formed, the fourth battalion reached my labia and clitoris. The amazing little bytes started slowly massaging my clit, using just enough heat and pressure to make me believe it was an actual tongue. Since I was sooo wet already it only amplied my perception that there was an actual tongue there and I cried out for them to go faster and harder and I began to move with their "tongue strokes".

Everything was reaching a cresendo, my breathing fast and short, the beat of the music a little faster with each measure, my heart hammering against my chest, the bytes working in faster ever tightening circles on my nipples, the ones on my clit now giving off tiny shocks with their tongue strokes and the ones on my labia dove full force in between my swollen lips and used so much energy and pressure I was certain I was being entered by Carlos who had somehow returned to help the bytes finish their mission. Just when I thought the Carlos bytes were going break me in two they began to pull back and back and almost out then with even more force back in again even deeper. It was all building up to this moment, every part of my body aching to release an orgasm so deep so strong I could feel my cervix dip and throb causing my clit to throb so violently I almost doubled over and fell out the lounge screaming! But I didn't fall out of the lounge.

I found that I couldn't move. The bytes had paralyzed some of the muscles in my legs and arms as if I had been tied down. Oh I could squirm and buck and wiggle but I couldn't get up and I couldn't get away. Far from being alarmed, this only served to excite me more and the cresendo I had reached before was as nothing compared to what was next. The tiny shocks intensified, the thrusts inward a little harder a little faster, the hot/cold sensations on my nipples sharper, the slow massage now was quicker and more intense. Something had turned these glorious bytes up a notch and I wanted more. When the next wave broke my entire body went into full spasm and it lasted an entire minute before it began to subside and at precisely that moment the bytes upped the ante again, never letting me recover, keeping me at full release bringing me down just a little then BAM up another notch. Over and over and over yet again these bytes brought me to climax and endless stream a waterfall.

Had someone walked into the room they would have thought I was having a seizure or being elctrocuted. Only my screams suggested otherwise. Yelling for more yet wanting a little rest I couldn't decide which, so more it was and more, more, more I got. Drenched with sweat, I was practically on fire now, the shocks so intense the thrusts getting just a little brutal. I was on the brink of exhaustion and yet it still wasn't enough. The nanobytes had started taking control of even my endorphine levels, so when my brain said stop, they deprived it of endorphines, just enough to counteract the demand to stop. Deep down, somewhere in my brain I knew if it didn't stop soon I was going to die. That had little or no effect on me, however, I had wanted waterfalls and waterfalls is what the nanobytes provided. They had no shut off switch, they didn't have the intuition to understand they were killing me They had a task to perform and they did their job perfectly.

My body was starting to give, my cries turned to whimpers, still asking for more but no longer urgent and demanding. The jerks and bucking reduced to small spasms and quivers. As I was taking what I thought was my final breath, everything stopped. The quiet was deafening, the lack of sensation, excrutiatingly painful. Nerves, raw and frayed, I tried to move. The nanobytes had released my paralyzed muscles and when I moved my arms it felt as though they had fallen asleep, pins and needles felt more like knives and spikes and I found that I was crying. There was now a sound, no a voice coming from very far away, I couldn't make out the words. I strained to hear, but I was too exhausted to open my eyes. I just wanted to sleep, to never wake up.

"Safi, please wake up, you're having a dream, a nightmare, a something I don't understand. Pleease wake're red and swollen everywhere and you have a really thin metal sheen to you."

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Re: Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah Found

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Chapter 8

Back on the Ides of March

"You can't mean that, Jodhi. You don't want to die. Life is beautiful even when you're upside down, naked and about to be violated by a scabbarous psychopath." Jet was so passionate he was flailing his arms which started the mechanism that held his hook moving, inching a little closer to Jodhi. There were several tracks set in the ceiling that contained many such hooks and one could move whatever hung from the hooks to various places in the room on those tracks and one track lead out the door.

"Jet you're moving, your getting closer to me! Swing some more, see if you can reach me maybe we can get out of here." Jodhi was smiling for the first time in a couple days, although to Jet, it looked a little odd being upside down and all. "Woo, Hoo, I'm moving, Jodhi, you try it!"

Jodhi swung her arms but the hook stayed put. "It must be stuck or maybe there's a locking feature, it won't budge."

"That's ok, I'll just come to you, it's only a few meters." As he started inching his way across the room Jodhi started to see him a little more clearly as if he were coming out of a dense fog.

"Uh, Jet, could you please do me a favor, could you close your eyes, I'm naked and, um well, you are too and I don't know you and usually when I'm naked there's lots of HWD40 involved." Laughing loudly, Jet said, "Whatever my Lady wishes." Jodhi was getting ready to tell Jet she wasn't a Lady but was interrupted by the clang, clang. clang of boots on the metal hull floor.

"Shhh, Jet, Caligula is coming."

"Do you think he'll notice that I've moved?"

"Not if I keep him distracted, maybe if I can get him close enough, you can swing up and choke him, or knock him down and beat him to death." Jodhi was starting feel optimistic.

When the door slid open, Caligula was carrying a long metal rod made of some kind alloy that was irridescent and at the tip, blue sparks crackled and smoked, little tendrils swirling aroumd the top. "My dear Jodhi, you are awake I see. Splendid, splendid, I don't have much time, we are docked and the harvesters will be here soon. I will have to take my pleasure in the company of the young trader, Jet, I am sorry for the lack of privacy."

"If you think you're coming near me with that glorified fracking cattle prod, you have...." Jodhi started to scream as Caligula reached out and touched her thigh with the electric rod. It felt as though a knife made of fire was thrust clear to the bone and then melted into lava that traveled through her entire body on her nervous system. Caligula began to giggle not aware that not far behind him, Jet was swinging closer, the hook moved so smoothly it made hardly any noise and Jet was getting angrier by the second.

"You need to accept that I shall do whatever I wish with you my pet. If you stop your protests I won't use my rod to persuade you to obey." Through the tears of pain and anger Jodhi could see Jet inching ever closer and to her astonishment, his eyes were closed tight.

Between sobs, at barely a whisper Jodhi sadi, "Okay, okay, you win, just put that thing down, you win, I'll do whatever you want just don't burn me with that thing anymore."

As he approached Jodhi, Caligula taken off guard by her sudden timidness, lowered his rod and stepped closer to her smelling her thigh where the he had zapped her, "Ah, no outward damage,you like my new invention? The Harvesters were annoyed with the condition of a few of my guests but I still needed my fun. My neuro rod sends pain impulses directly to the nerves without damaging the tissue. My most brilliant invention bred of necessity."

Just as he was finishing his boasting, Jodhi, the pain finally starting to subside, swung her fists upward as hard as she could and double punched Caligula in the balls. Instinctively, Caligula dropped the rod, grabbed his crotch, doubled over and fell to the floor. The only thing he could manage to say was "eep".

"Jet, forget what I said, open your eyes grab that rod, zap that shithead psycho till sparks shoot from his ears!" Jet heard the commotion but was duty bound to respect Jodhi's wishes, knowing the fracking bastard was hurting her was beyond frustrating. When Jodhi told him to open his eyes, he expected a crazy man with a cattle prod would be turning around to zap him. Instead the rod lay just centimeters from his finger tips and Caligula lay on the floor in the fetal position, one hand on his crotch and to his surprise the moron was sucking his thumb.

"What the Frack happened? Did you go and steal my rescue? Babe, that's, amazing."

Jodhi began to laugh and said, "He underestimated me again, got too close and I punched his balls into his throat. You really should zap him before he recovers. And you still have to find a way to get us down, we're not safe yet."

Jet grabbed the neuro rod and zapped Caligula dozens of times yelling, "That's for tricking me, That's for tricking Jodhi! That's for hanging me upside down and naked! That's for hanging Jodhi upside down and naked! That's for hurting Jodhi! And the rest is gonna be for fun you son of a bitch!"

Caligula was trying to scream but the only that came out were pathetic little squeaks that grew weaker with each zap. Finally, he sighed and his entire body relaxed as the life left his body. Jet poked his body a few times to be sure Caligula was indeed dead and then let out a war whoop so loud that it echoed off the walls making it seem like several people were whooping it up.

"Okay Injun Joe, are you quite finished? I'm tired of hanging here hun, get me down"

Jet swung the remaing distance until the two were face to face just centimeters apart. "Um, Jodi, the only way I can get you down is to climb you, so to speak. That means I have to touch you a lot and I don't know you very do you want me to close my eyes again or should I keep them open so I don't accidentally grab hold of know...private areas?"

"Jet, keep yours eyes open just don't stop and admire the view along the way, but before you start, check dickhead's body for a key or something."

Quickly Jet swung back to the body that once belonged to Caligula and found a pocket knife and a remote control in his pants pocket, "I wonder what this is for?"

"Don't push it until we get down from here, it could be for almost anything."

Jet swung back to Jodhi, said a quick apology and grabbed her waist and began the climb to Jodhi's feet. Wishing this was for fun and games instead of life and death, Jet stopped just long enough to appreciate her attributes and oh my how could she possibly smell so amazing after being here so long....hmmmm. Jodhi broke the trance, "Ahem, Jet keep moving that's not my feet."

"Sorry my Lady didn't mean stop I'm here now and if I can just use the knife to loosen that lever I should be able to......." The lever let go suddenly, dropping Jodhi with a thud onto the ship's deck, right into the goop Caligula had put there earlier. Jet had to let go of Jodhi and that set him to swinging crazily around the room.

"I'm free,thank you Jet, thank you, thank you Oh, god what is this gooey, oh no I'm gonna hurl, the smell is even worse down here."

"Ah, Jodhi, could you stop this swinging or both of us are gonna be sick."

Getting to her feet was difficult, she had to rub them vigorously for a few seconds to get the blood flowing again then walked very gingerly over to try and grab Jet without knocking her down in the process. Jodhi reached her hand out to Jet's outstretched hand and was dragged ski-like across the slippery floor until Jet's momentum finally subsided. When she got Jet stopped she heard the whoosh of the door opening behind her.

To her horror, a giant green pod, a tentacle sprouting from within reached out ahead and slithered in the door, dragging the pod behind it over to where Caligula's body lay. It was quick and when it reached the body, the tentacle wrapped itself around the corpse and pulled into the pod.
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Re: Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah Found

Post by safi on Sun May 16, 2010 4:06 pm

Chapter 9

As we find ourselves in the Halls of Sodom

While debating whether I should knock out Emily and find my way on my own. She started chattering away on explosions I decided to tune in.

"It's going to be great. I have a beau that's on the crew for demolitions and stuff. They're going to blow up some guy's ship today. He did some trades with us, but higher ups have put the word out, they want him dead. He has a really weird name too, R3VAN. Really who spells their name like that?"

"So their going to blow him up today?" She nodded her head and jabbered on about how they set up the charges in his ships.

"When he leaves the charges are set to go off on his way back. It'll look like a ship malfunction and everything! We'll have recyclers on their way to pick up the pieces too. Then we'll have raiding parties go and plunder his planets." Stowing this piece of information for later we rounded another corner.

"AT LAST!!!! What is this place a labrinynth? It took forever to get here! So those questions you asked me will determine what is best for me to wear? This Emporium store designs clothing and whatnot?" I see nod her head and consult her clipboard. After typing a few things she looks back up with her creepily perky smile and we come to a stop (finally).

"Yes we have a small little partnership with the BYSE Emporium. They make specialized clothing and repaint ships. They have some very sought after works. They should have something for you. Let's get you dressed and on your way." As she opened the door and bounced ahead of me, I couldn't get over her cheerfulnesss.

Following her in I see a desk and behind several rows of clothes in the walls. Just about anything imaginable. I could see a small section devoted to just the cloth bundles.

Another perky woman was manning the desk. "Hello Emily! We got your request. Cain is getting some items together right now. He should be right out."

This nameless perky woman was rambling on about the specials they had going. And something about a grizzly bear. Eventually Cain came out with a bunch of ghetto
faboulous clothing selections. After a quick look and nod I was swept into a changing room and outfitted. As I was coming out I noticed a few accessory bins. I found a flashlight, a satchel, and after some digging a sonic screwdriver, along with other gizmos. Taking the satchel I filled it up with a few things.

"Ok, now that I have been outfitted I can start on my .... assignment." The confidence I've been feeling had wavered a bit since I saw Safi's name on the clipboard earlier. After a quick good bye and thank you to everyone I set off on my way to find this R3VAN person. Checking my electric clipboard again I searched for R3VAN. Plotting a course to pick up this R3VAN guy I thought that all I have to do is pick him up from his scheduled massage. He is going to help me save everyone.

After many twists and turns and a few zig zags room 4140411 finally appears. Checking the clipboard I see that his session was about to come to an end.

Time to make a new friend and hopefully ally. Striding into the room I see the massage droids busily working on a man. (It's now or never). "Hello Mr. R3VAn, I'm Dreamy and your a very special Client of Sodom. Since your finishing up could I just take a moment of your time please."

"Mmmm, well hello Dreamy *yawn* I'm a valued costumer huh? Well I am pretty awesome so of course." he stretches and languidly walks over to grab his shirt. While putting it on with a cheeky grin, "So, you get to show me a good time?"

As I strolled around the room looking for the mini bar I decided I needed to be blunt. "Alright I am really strapped for time and so are you. Your going to have listen. 1. My friends are in danger. Q. your life is in danger. Thr- (Oh good drinks) Three were going to have to work together to not die. Any questions?" After taking another gulp and looking at him. "You might want some of this and here I want you to look at these documents as proof I'm not a nutjob."

Handing him the clipbopard and pouring us both a heavy amount of whiskey. "You sure you're not some nut job, and don't drink it all leave some for me." As he leafed through the files his happy go lucky attitude became sour. "This is real," glancing at me and downing another shot. "So start talking."

"Well I heard that you were scheduled for asassination. If you want to know it's in those files. I don't have much time since I've been bluffing my way through this mess so far. They should be trying to find me in their employee logs by now, Also I have a friend scheduled to be body snatched. And another one already snatched." Getting the clipboard again, and after pulling up the list. "There are 20 people for me to check to see if they can be body snatched. The one I highlighted is my friend. Caligula snatched our other friend Jodhi."

After he took another glance at the list. "Well you definitely have my attention. So how exactly am I supposed to help you and your friends?"

"I'm not really sure on that part. Kind of making it as I go along. Well you can take half of the list and I can take the other half. I'll get Safi, and we can go and get the others. Then meet up somewhere. We need to get over to Gomorrah. That's where Caligula took our friend. There's an underground on both planets. So basically there's a secret level where they do all their evil deeds."

"Well this is one hell of a meeting. You sure know how to make an entrance and drop a bombshell on someone. So I get to go save some people, and youget to save some more people. Then we hop over to Gomorrah to save another person. Then we go and save ourselves." After taking a huge gulp of whiskey, "Sounds like one hell of a plan. Well it's better than nothing. I'll see what I can do."

"Yeah that's pretty much it at the moment. I get my friends and the people on my half of list and possibly topple down this whole stinking evil network. Is it just me or are you getting an Alice in Wonderland vibe too?" After a choked laugh from R3VAN he smiles and nods in agreement. I was feeling a bit lightheaded from the alcohol and breathing in the pleasure mist my confidence grew, I finally had a PLAN.

"Well if were strapped for time we should get going. Nice meeting you Dreamy, just not under these circumstances. I'll have you send me that information to my little buddy here." Holding up his communicator. After a quick shaking of hands we both set off on our paths, if a bit unsteadily.

After another round of snaking through the halls I finally find Safi's room. Shaking the lightheadedness away I enter the lion's den. Going into the room I see a control panel and Safi lying on a reclining chair under some lights. After a quick stumble over to the control panel to shut everything off, I stumble over to Safi. "Safi, please wake up, you're having a dream, a nightmare, a something I don't understand. Pleease wake're red and swollen everywhere and you have a really thin metal sheen to you!"
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Re: Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah Found

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