legend of the NINJA

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legend of the NINJA

Post by RayDeg on Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:54 am

the figure in dark robes steps up to the speaking podium on Thera, casts a glance over the gathered VnV nobles and begins to speak....

"amongst my people we exchange stories to seal friendship, so im going to share one with you, now this is a tale of NINJA, which many of you may never heard of... but ill try to explain as i go along...

NINJA are spoken of in folklore amongst the people of Legion. many of the older brethren claim to have seen them.. many of the younglings believe they never existed, the legend goes that though they were few "Only a Ninja can defeat a Ninja" many empires believe the NINJA were in fact part of LGC, but nothing was either confirmed or denied, all that is known is that when NINJA appeared... tyrants died...

now the tale i will tell is set long ago, imagine a time when LGC were peaceloving.... farmers in fact..

after the WHO ATTA war for galaxy 25, many of legions warriors left for other galaxies.. leaving the farmers and miners to their trade, the evil king paul of Time saw this, and moved his vast armada of 3 of his minions into the heart of legion territory.. for weeks they destroyed LGC farms, and the peaceful folk did despair, some warriors returned, but many were young and inexperianced.. they too fell to king pauls mighty armada,

the people cried out to thir messiah for aid, he bade them be patient help was on its way...

then one fateful night 5 colonies appeared in king pauls system, the NINJA had come, their wrath was mighty and they had HATE on their side... 2 of the evil kings minions awoke to find their armies dead, their loot plundered... one narrowly escaped... as for the King... the NINJA left him for last.. in an epic battle... the NINJA slew all his forces, and left him for LGC to plunder... he called for truce for peace.... the attacks continued, until finally he surrendered.. long before this the NINJA had vanished as silently as they had appeared... so it continued through out the galaxies, evil warlords would awake to find their empires despoiled, then one day the NINJA vanished...

now as to what happened to them, noone really knows, when the younglings ask their parents where they are, they jus smile and say amongst us....

now, the rumours say, 2 NINJA left on a quest to find HATERADE a mythical drink of the gods... one roams the galaxies killing all he sees, 2 returned to Legion.. taking up their previous roles,

and the last of the NINJA some say, he goes to LGC's allies and teaches them the way of the NINJA...

i do not claim to be him, however, i can teach you to assassinate your foes, to cause fear amongst their ranks..."

(ooc this is something we did and the playstyle i aim to teach anyone who is interested)

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