Ascention, the search for Vehemence

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Re: Ascention, the search for Vehemence

Post by Widah Xulub on Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:37 pm

Battle-weary Widah addresses the teleport-gathered aboard the shuttle,"Hell's sovereign's lash dealt us a cruel stroke today. We survived, but victory came with a heavy toll," he said, choking a little on his last words. "But we've a final blow to strike, and Brother R3VAN will be our spear--a final thrust into the heart of Evil. The destruction of our capital will not mean the final annihilation of Arioch any more than the death of R3VAN's body will mean an end to the soul that inhabited it, but it will bring us solace for a time." Widah places a hand on R3VAN's body in death-repose. "Go you to your warrior's end, friend, and we shall meet again in the peace that awaits you." With tear-wet eyes he steps back.
Widah Xulub
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Re: Ascention, the search for Vehemence

Post by Maenhout on Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:03 pm

Bewildered, chancellor Maenhout looked around him.

The body of R3VAN seemed suspended in thin air, his features bloodless, his expression peacefull.
Seeing all the nobles around him step up and place their hands on the body of his fallen comrade, Maenhout made a step forward as well, and placed his hand among those of his friends.

"R3VAN, you were a great friend to us all, and a hero of this federation. You embodied our ideals better than most, and remembered our creed through thick an thin. We not only lose you in person, but a part of our spirits, and the spirit of our alliance goes with you. I hope you have found all you could have hoped for."

With a tear streaking his cheeck, Maenhout looked up at his friends around him.

"My friends, I'm sorry for what you have had to go through, and my absence in all of it."

Out in the void the Battlestar Antigon turned into it's last manoeuvre above the surface of Thera.
The first officer looked at the helmsman.
"All in order?"
"Station reached sir."

"Petty Officer Kat, are our evac-shuttles in low orbit?"
"Aye sir..."

Looking around one last time to see if Commander Maenhout really wasn't anywhere to be seen, he gave the order.

"Launch tubes 5 through 10"

With a whoosh, the torpedoes left the ship, and streaked towards the planet's surface.

Screens lit up suddenly, and the whole crew on the bridge was witness to the demise of the Battlestar Hoboken.

"How did they...?"
"Sir, the Duke Anton is coming to a new heading."
"Damn them... we have to evacuate the AC and all other assorted nobles from the surface. Surely they dare not oppose us!"

Suddenly the ship jolted to the right, then the left...

Emergency lights blinked on the CIC.
"Helmsman, status report!"

Blankly, the helmsman looked at the first officer.
"Eh... sir, I think..."
"Speak up man!"
"Our computer doesn't recognise where we are sir. All planets and stars are... gone?"

The first officer regarded the helmsman coldly.
"Have you been drinking again Harold? You stand relieved. Petty Officer Kat, take his place."
"Aye sir."
"So, where are we, and what just happened?"
"Judging by residual heat trails left, I would guess all planets have been pulled to the center of the known universe by some unknown magnetic force."
"What about the fleet?"
"I receive their signs from what would have been several galactic systems nearby sir. The gravitational pull from the passing planets must have blown them all over this galaxy sir."
"Deploy comms beacons, and send out the Chancellory Code to al VNV ships nearby, so they know who and what we are. If the Duke Anton comes near, allow them to join the fleet and offer them repairs or docking if they need them, we'll need all ships to find our homes again, and we won't leave friend or foe behind"
"Aye sir."

Hanging in the blackness of the void, without a star in sight, the Battlestar Antigon sent out it's scoutships, trying to locate all those left behind and unable to receive the transmissions. The way home would be a long one, fading heat trails their only guide as to which direction to take.

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