Important notes and application information

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Important notes and application information

Post by Dick Steel on Fri Jan 15, 2010 5:24 pm

Motto: "One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret."

VnV stands for Victory not Vengeance, and is emblematic of the philosophy of our nation the key elements of which are respect, honour, and perseverance. VnV is an active, well-organized, supportive, role-playing alliance (rp'ing not necessary) committed to having fun, first and foremost, and to playing the game as intended. Galaxy 41 is our home, but some of our members range far and wide. Every voice counts in our alliance. Members can be awarded noble titles for exemplary conduct which gives them one or more votes in the Senate. The Senate proposes and votes on amendments to the Charter as well as other important issues.

Membership requirements:

- Use the outgame forum
- Stay Active
- Willingness to learn
- Follow directions
- Fill out following form to be placed in Trusted members area (so our seniors can get to know you)

1: Character Name

2: Player rank #

3: Coordinates of homeworld + colonies

4: What games (if any) have you played before, and in what capacity? (RP'er, PvP'er, casual raider, heavy raider):

5: Have you ever joined any other alliance in Starfleet?

6: What is your motivation for joining VnV, and what are your goals in Starfleet commander?:

7: Do you have any friends / acquaintances you've gamed with in VnV who could provide a reference:

8: Please provide here any additional information you'd wish to share:

"We will watch in the dark places where evil slumbers. We will hold back the night. We will bring justice and war to the malevolent Xenos. We will annihilate the alien and bring unto them the judgement of Mankind. We stand as the bulwark upon which the Imperium persists, from now until the end of time."
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