Unrest in the Foundation Grows

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Unrest in the Foundation Grows

Post by James T SELF on Thu May 16, 2013 7:47 pm

From the SELF intergalactic new feed:

Unrest and protests have been building through the Scientific, Engineering, and Logistics Foundation (SELF). These acts of civil disobedience have been fuel by agents of the minority Separatist party. Their demands include secession and political independence from the VnV Nation.

"We are the most powerful empire in the VnV and it's high time we struck out on our own to fulfill our people's destiny. We demand self determination and government!" Demanded Isak Rominov, the leader of Separatist's

The Foundation Director, James T SELF, called for calm and rational debate in this matter. "We owe VnV our loyalty and are indebted to the Nation for the blessings our Foundation currently enjoy. We should gracefully continue to accept our position in this confederation and support our friend and allies."

James T SELF

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Re: Unrest in the Foundation Grows

Post by Widah Xulub on Wed May 29, 2013 9:24 pm

Reporters captured this response from the Arch Chancellor: "We are relieved to hear that cooler heads prevail for the time being. It would be an inestimable loss to our confederation should these Separatists achieve their aims, but their sentiment is well understood by the Chancellory who has shared with every member planet the hardship and dejection of this slow descent from our former power and glory. The newer generations of Foundation citizens might not remember the events that forged the bonds between the planets of this confederation. It is our hope that their elders can impart to them the wisdom of valuing such things above material gain; however, current trends suggest that they may gain the independence they seek in due course regardless of what anyone thinks once the power of VnV fades utterly from the universe. All that will remain then is a memorial beacon to remind the universe that there was a nation called, VnV, but until then we endure as best we can as we have always done."

In solidarity,

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