The Conquering of Centauri Prime

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The Conquering of Centauri Prime

Post by Vehemence on Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:18 pm

When the double reinforced blast door opened and revealed the tall slender figure of VnV Nation's Arch Chancellor Vehemence. The Command deck of he prometheus class Duke Arioch fell silent. It's captain, a fair middle aged blonde, jumped to attention:

"Supreme Commander on the Bridge!"

Two dozen officers jump up and chant on que:

"Hail Ach Chancellor Vehemence! Hail VnV Nation!"

With a stern face Vehemence strode to the center of the Command deck, he looked to each of his men, then turned to the planet filling the front viewports. For a moment he seemed to sigh, but none of the officers present noticed.

"Marquess Anikeeva, open channels to the fleet and the planet below."

She hesitated for a split second ...and the planet below... but carried out his orders immedeately. With a few short sentences she gave the orders and one of the officers nodded in her direction.

"Channels open Mylord, we are entering the first defence perimeter, shall I raise shields?"

Several explosions and energy pulses could be seen in the front viewport, some very close to the armada's flagship.

"No yet, I need a clear transmission."

With a cold, unmoving voice Vehemence recited an ancient Ymyrrian war poem to his crew and the people below, impacts from long range missile's on the ships hull provided an unsteady but fitting rhytm.

"I stood above them all and watched for days.
I felt as though my own kind were all that mattered and kept me sane.
I gathered them to me, watched their hunted pass away as if direction had finally come.
A resurrection for all our selves."

The one hundred strong armada steadily approached the planet, enveloped by a dazzling firework of explosions.

"And we who were so scorned
shall always wish to make their end.
Our words to still their voice.
Our hands to break their worthless necks."

As if on cue with the poem, a wave passed the armada from behind, to the naked eye the Interplanetary Fusion Bombs seemed like shooting stars overtaking the fleet. From a nearby moon dozens of smaller lights appeared, almost half of the fusion missiles were intercepted, creating a furios cloud of burning hydro that lit up the planet view like a sun.

"One day we'll see our names in stone where fires burn.
The great who silent stood among, you never praised nor never known.
Our thoughts defined the passing days. Sensed the spirit, seized the age.
After all these years to dream again. Like smiling children with faces raised.
Cheering their path. Tomorrow's glory days."

The armada passed the dwindling glow of the vapour cloud, suddenly the explosions around the ships fell silent, mushroom clouds embraced Centauri Prime and turned a fresh dawn's warmth and glory into a crimson tomb.

"Incoming enemy fleet! Sector seventeen, a hundred ships sir!"

As Vehemence turned and took the captain's chair, a single tear glitterd on his pale cheek.

"Raise the chields, order Commander Rampslave and Lord Parks' attack wings on the flanks. Open all weapon ports, fire at will..."

The battle took several hours, a great victory was achieved.

Chancellor Vehemence.

"I, while the gods laugh, the world's vortex am;
Maelstrom of passions in that hidden sea
Whose waves of all-time lap the coasts of me;
And in small compass the dark waters cram."

"Farewell, friend. I was a thousand times more evil than thou!"

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