The Noble Blood Act

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The Noble Blood Act

Post by Vehemence on Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:42 pm

EVERY member has a chance of earning nobility in the ranks of VnV Nation, not that it gives you the right to order other people around, it’s more something like a badge of honour. It indicates the service you have provided to the alliance. However if sometime for some reason disputes do arise between members that can’t be solved easily, the player with the higher rank will probably get it his way (after the officers convene on the matter).
(also: it gives you a nice tag at the bottom of your messages)

The Aristocratic ranks that can be earned are the following:

1. Arch Chancellor (12 senate votes + right to Veto)
2. Chancellor (10 senate votes + right to Veto)
3. Duke/ Duchess (8 senate votes)
4. Margrave/ Marquess (6 senate votes)
5. Count / Countess (4 senate votes)
6. Baron / Baroness (2 senate votes)
7. Lord / Lady (1 senate vote)

We know many of you already carry a title when ruling over your planets, however we would like to ask you to use different titles then the ones we use here, to avoid any confusion on VnV alliance ranking. We appreciate your cooperation.

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