The birth of VnV, a history...

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The birth of VnV, a history...

Post by Dick Steel on Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:23 pm

And on the 7th day, god created VnV and the galaxy was bathed in blood.

Not really how it happened but it could have. In reality it all started with a few guys from Belgium playing a new game called Starfleet commander. Surprised by the addictive game play, they set sail on daily basis. Soon it became clear that a guild of sorts would be beneficial to their growth and protection... VnV was born.

The next step was massive recruitment. Thanks to this, our numbers grew rapidly. Even faster then any of us could have hoped. Now with a large player base at hand we added fluff and positions. Steadily we became a real guild filled with members eager to protect and to do battle in the name of VnV.

But where did we get the name VnV?

VnV stands for Victory not Vengeance. Translated as "One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret" a motto held dear by a great underground band hailing from Ireland/England.
Their success started thanks to the release of the second album named named Praise the fallen in 1998. It's this album that includes some of their legendary songs like Honour, Joy & Solitary.
Thanks to VnV nation the futurepop genre grew to new heights. In the years to follow their popularity kept growing due to great albums like Empires, Futureperfect & Judgement. To this day they are still the most popular futurepop band in the world.

So in a sense naming the guild after them, is paying tribute to one of our favourite music bands of all time.
But as we look to the future, we can only hope to attract more like-minded people. To grow, to prosper & shed blood. So that one day VnV shall be known throughout the universe...

Chancellor Steel
Victory not Vengeance

If you wish more info on the band VnV nation follow this link: or
If you wish to hear any their songs, consult Youtube.
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