The tireness of battle...

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The tireness of battle...

Post by Guest on Sat May 08, 2010 11:44 pm

The light flicks on as i step into my quarters. I rub my eyes and sigh with exhaustion. I just spent the last three days commanding my troops. Most commanders would sit back, in there flagships, commanding from there comfy chairs. I fight with my troops. I don't believe in risking my troops lives, unless i am willing to risk my own. I think that is why i have such loyal and ferocious troops.
I walk over to spikes tank and feed her some spring lettuce. spike is a bearded dragon. a loyal pet, and my closest friend. she is all that i have left from my home world. I left my planet when I was young and had signed on to the forces. little did i know this is where I was headed. two years out in space and we had received word that our sun went super nova. The planet was evacuated, but only twenty percent of the population could get away from the blast in time. everyone I knew was blown away, back to the elements of the universe we have come from.
I step into the shower and let the hot water shed away the dirt and memories. I start to scrub and quickly build up a lather. I have several tender spots that were not there two days ago. the bruises are turning deep purple. no broken bones at least. My muscles are starting to loosen up, maybe I will be able to sleep tonight. i let the shower run till my bathroom is a steaming cloud. stepping out and wrapping myself into a soft robe.
Kim was sitting in an arm chair, waiting for me. I smile. She looked as tired as I felt. "just wondering if you were going to sleep right away?" she asks me. "probably going to sitting in front of a movie till I pass out." I was to tired to think of anything else.
She stood up and stretched. damn, she looked good when she did that. I had a little nook built in front of the entertainment system. We put together some pillows and wrapped in a lite blanket. i was sitting in front of her, leaning against her. she started running her fingers through my hair. I didn't even make it through the opening credits before my eyes couldn't open. She nibbled on my ear, I could feel the warmth of her breathe, then I slept......


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