The return of Gehenna.

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The return of Gehenna.

Post by Gehenna on Wed Mar 10, 2010 6:46 pm

Three months has passed since anyone heard of Gehenna...

There was a rumor among the slaves. They doubted if their master still even lived
after such a long time. But others believed they heared a mad laugh coming
through the halls late at night sometimes. What was he up to they all wondered,
what sinister plans did he come up with now, and did those plans involve them.
They were horrified. A slave is expendable and since everyone is a slave -cause
no free man appart from the master himself lives on Elysium- everyone was

The doors of his main research lab were set on max security. Something very
strange and important must be happening behind those layer upon layer of titanium
sheets. Several dozen of corpses lay fried on the floor before them. Anything in
sight of the bunkered lab was getting a shower of plasma. The master never liked
company, especially the uninvited kind.

Suddenly the sirens go off. A sharp noise is heard over the entire city followed
with the message of an unkown voice. Everyone needs to assemble at the core of
the city, a vast round plaza.

A moment before in Gehenna's main lab..

Gehenna: "Lilith! Give me another round up of the checking list!"
Lilith: "Off course, Master."
Project: The Triple Six Drug ----100%*
Project: City Transperformance ----100%*
Project: Enhanced Communication Relay ----100%*
Project: A.L.I.C.E ----100%*
Project: Personal Transformation ----100%*
Project: Zeus Class ----80%: status: in progress ETA: aproximately 1 month.

Gehenna: "Perfect.. Lilith, gather the subjects. It's time to use the drug. Turn
on "The Switch" on my command. Enable the ECR. Activate Alice.."
Lilith: "Affirmitive, Master."

A small hour has passed since the sirens went deaf again. All of Elysium's
population has gathered in its centre. You can read the anxiety, the fear of what
has to come in their faces. From the very centre of the cold blue city's plaza a
giant black obelisk arises high into the sky. From its top, a small platform with
barerly room for perhaps three persons, Gehenna speaks to his "people". But there
is something different this time. It is not Gehenna that stands on the platform
but a red translucent hologram of a woman. Fairly similar to the AI known as
Lilith, the people look at her with some sort of awe since she is the most
beautifull entity they have seen. The red woman speaks, everyone falls silent..

Alice: "People of Elysium and the colonies, I am Alice. I have been send by the
Great One, my creator, to bring you this message. Do not fear for you have been
blessed by the Creator. You are no longer slaves from this moment, but

Everyone looks at each other in confusion. A few glances of hope can be spotted
on some.

Alice: "..But to receive this blessing you must all first pass a trial of faith."
-Alice makes a small pause and blinks as if receiving a command.-
Alice: "..Die.. and be reborn.."

At that moment several thousand of pillars burst out of the ground in the city.
The ground trembles as they shoot through stone, homes, buildings and the crowd.
People panic, trample each other, try to flee from a pillar only to find another
bursting near them. Many see their loved ones get thrown in the sky by the
upheaving debris. Alice puts her arms up as she is calling for the sky, almost
embracing it. A purple gas leaks out of the pillars. People scream out to
whatever deity they used to be praying to save them. Moments later allready a
purpish fog has formed over the entire plaze, the entire city. You can hear
people coughing from a mile away. And then.. silence. They all drop to the ground
and die.
The whole city seemed to have died, the only sounds still made are a few
collapsing buildings who couldn't hold their weight any longer after the damage
the pillars had caused. As those sounds eventualy fade away the hour of the Great
Silence commences..

An hour passed.
Alice: "Creator, activity has been spotted at various places in the city."
Gehenna: "Exactly on time."

In the order they died, the people now stood up. Yet not a single form of sound
is made. There is no panic, no chaos. The look on their faces is lifeless, they
walk like reanimated husks. Their eyes no longer have pupils, they don't need
eyes now for they are guided by their Creator, obeying his every command.
Along with the purple fog, they creep through the city.

At request of the other roleplayers a full report of the different projects can be given by Lilith or Alice.
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Re: The return of Gehenna.

Post by GRIZZLY on Thu May 06, 2010 11:47 pm

ooc: i like a full repport of the different projects

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